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It is really stressfull when sleeping so little despite sleeping pills.

But Dutch law intended for a rest period, of even 2 years: protected sick leave.

In order to arrange for that it is best to have a written burnout diagnosis ( ) and sending it to:

UWV, sickness department, PO box 57015  1040 CT Amsterdam saying you want first 100% sick leave, and that your employer is preventing you from that (if it is the case).

Then also give a copy of diagnosis to company doctor; do not worry when company doctor would deny, UWV believes your diagnosis anyway and it is task of the company doctor to follow the NVAB guideline burnout including tests anyway.

It is bad advice to apply for other jobs in the meantime; you are far too stressed for it, potential employers will see it, and furthermore you are obliged to say you are burnout when you apply (otherwise you can be sacked on the spot, without rights, if later on they discovered you were burnout during job application).

It is better to use 6-9 months to heal – with rest, 100% sickleave, burnout recovery coaching paid by employer, and then making first steps to working a few hours a day again (for example 2 hours per day) and see how it goes.

This is the correct route:

and this is how to act when not the correct route is followed:

You need guidance from an experienced burnout specialist / psychologists as are with Stichting Burnout to coach you to recovery: Once a diagnosis is with UWV, employers are usually happy to pay for burnout recovery coaching:

You do not need to go to court to get burnout recovery coaching: you can simply send the proposal (as made by Stichting Burnout) together to UWV sickness department PO box 57015  1040 CT Amsterdam, and if it is true, say, ’employer does not want to pay for reintegration coaching’.  Then UWV will put pressure on employer to pay – apart from the obvious advantages for the employer already mentioned in a link.

And another possibility is to pay partly for yourself, partly by the company (we can make special price for you as individual).

Do not accept a vso, vaststellingsovereenkomst, settlement agreement, as this is forbidden with illness. You could agree with vso if vso includes payment of your burnout recovery coaching, but better is sticking to Wet Verbetering Poortwachter, and your right to 2 years of illness and the joint obligation of employer (with you) to make you better, amongst others through burnout recovery coaching.

We strongly advice you to let one of our, Stichting Burnout’s, burnout experts write you a burnout recovery proposal, and give diagnosis and proposal as well to employer and to UWV sickness department. Use lawyer to back up diagnosis and force through payment of burnout recovery proposal. UWV will also fine the employer if he denies burnout and refuses to pay for burnout recovery proposal.