Written by Stichting Burnout on 5 March 2021 in blog English

Regularly, employees feel guilty when they are burnout. They ‘should not be’. The employer had also some responsibility for your well being. And: when you are burnout, you are mostly quite productive and make quite some mistakes. So it is, on the long run, better to both acknowledge burnout and go for external burnout recovery coaching.

Generally an employer is happy when you propose burnout recovery coaching by for example Stichting Burnout, for the following reasons:

  • it will shorten your sickness leave
  • employer complies to law ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ and ‘zorgplicht werkgever’, and thus avoids fines (‘loonsancties’) from UWV
  • employer avoids 2 years of illness and thereafter expensive bezava, in case you leave the company ill (bezava in English: Bezava in ENGLISH)
  • if the employer wants you to remain: you will be productive again after burnout recovery coaching by us
  • even if the employer prefers you to leave: you have more chances of successfully finding a new job if you are happy and healthy again. So this would mean: burnout recovery and outplacement both paid by the employer, before your leave the company. That is also the legally correct way.

Sometimes an employer tries to make you leave the company whilst ill, ‘the shortcut’. That is not the correct route…

The correct route is: https://burnout.nl/en/burnout-suspicons-the-correct-route/

In case not the correct route is followed, and shortcut is opted, this should be your line: https://burnout.nl/en/if-not-the-correct-route-is-followed/

You can show https://burnout.nl/en/philosophy-of-stichting-burnout-relevant-for-employers/ to your employer, it includes a pdf brochure about Stichting Burnout and why Stichting Burnout.