Written by Stichting Burnout on 29 January 2020 in blog English

The Dutch lawmakers want to see that in your first year of illness employer and you go for recovery, and re-integration with current firm. Only after first year of illness and first year evaluation: second spoor = tweede spoor.

A good ‘tweede spoor’ consists of:


2) thereafter: OUTPLACEMENT (meaning: defining what kind of work you like, rework past experiences, work on the trauma’s inflicted at work, and only at last: applying for another job – with an external outplacement agency; Stichting Burnout can also do outplacement after burnout recovery)

Some employers try to be cheap and do

1) no burnout recovery coaching – only let ‘time and sickness heal the wounds’ but although you feel a bit better than, your self esteem remains low and your burnout proneness high, because you never drew lessons out of the burnout together with a burnout psychologist/external burnout coach (like Stichting Burnout)

2) not outplacement, but a pressing job chase agency, who puts you under pressure to apply for jobs, whilst you are totally not fit for it AND should mention in job interviews that you are handicapped (temporarily) because burnout, and your current employer does not want to pay for burnout recovery.

This is a ‘fake second spoor’ approach, in case of burnout – cheap, not thorough, not really healing you, only getting rid of you a.s.a.p. against minimal cost and avoiding bezava.

So therefore press for approval of burnout recovery coaching by employer, and outplacement, a REAL ‘SECOND SPOOR’ you will feel better then!

Who can help you?
– a lawyer
– a written burnout diagnosis
– Stichting Burnout, with a burnout recovery plan
– UWV (provided you already have a burnout diagnosis and burnout recovery plan)