Written by Stichting Burnout on 8 April 2021 in blog English

This trick is over 20 years old: employer says you should listen to company doctor. This is not true. Company doctors are often hired and paid by employer, by the hour, in order to say what employer wants.

But: it is the employer who decides, not the company doctor. Latter is only advisor of the employer.

Art. 14.1 arbowet stipulates what the company doctor is allowed to: advise the employer, not: the employee.

Employer is not allowed to shield behind company doctor, CRvB 19 nov 2009 BK:3713

There is no other legal basis for the company doctor than art. 14.1, advice towards employer.

But of course, on young and naive people a white coat makes impression – but in some cases this white coat is only a ‘muppet’ hired by the employer. And the ‘muppet’ almost never follows the burnout guideline including tests, although art. BW 7:453 obliges to. H&W_NVAB-12_LESA_LR_overspanningburnout