Written by Stichting Burnout on 19 February 2020 in blog English

Some employers do not want to follow the law ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ = WvP when you are ill. WvP includes a problem analysis, a ‘plan van aanpak’ on which you agree, and burnout recovery coaching of YOUR choice paid by the employer.

When an employee leaves the company ill, ill with a occupational illness as burnout (make sure you have diagnosis in writing!), the employer gets a fine. On average 282.500 euro – see https://www.winnock.nl/bezava-hier-moet-als-werkgever-op-letten/. Mail that link to your employer, and in case of a vso ask for at least 100.000 euro – you have to pay for your own unemployment benefits, your own recovery, and with vso you loose your right to disability employment. Otherwise do not sign vso.

With the 100.000 euro you can easily pay for your own burnout recovery coaching, for example with Stichting Burnout.

Be also aware vso is forbidden in case of illness, so your employer tries to break the law when proposing vso when you are ill.

Avoid any psychiatric label, because then the employer has no obligations. ‘Burnout’ belongs to occupational psychology/medicine/illness, and then the bezava fine counts.

The attempt to give you a psychiatric/DSM label is one of employer’s tricks to avoid liability and bezava.