Written by Stichting Burnout on 29 September 2020 in blog English

The WGBO (Medical Treatment Agreement Act) provides a free choice of doctor for the patient, and by extension the patient’s free choice of therapist.

Also art. 8 ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) says that you only have to share your private life with whoever you choose.

Science has known for decades (Google Scholar) that the click with the practitioner is the most important predictive success factor for treatment.

Yet there are employers who thwart an employee’s choice:
1) “no framework agreement with that party” – non-argument, you can conclude an agreement per route
2) “we want you at party B; party A, your preference, will not pay you “.

What to do?

You can email with the above arguments.

You can demand that you want party B (preferred by your employer) to have a no-obligation exploratory meeting with the practitioner at hand, and that you want a process plan. Then you can compare both fairly

You can write in your action plan = pva = ‘plan van aanpak’, which must be agreed between employer and employee, that you want party A (plan of action: blank example: blanco-PLAN-VAN-AANPAK-nieuw-gemaakt-in-Word completed example in which you mention Stichting Burnout as chosen organisation for burnout recovery coaching: ingevuld-vb-Coenen-fictieve-incl-SB-naam-alle-data-fictief-PLAN-VAN-AANPAK-docx

As long as you want party A and say that you must agree with PVA (plan of action) and have no confidence in the practitioner of party B 
(all the stronger: after talking to a practitioner of party B), there is an IMPASSE ('stalemate') that can take months. 'Persevere'.

If you feel too much pressure, you can agree with party B, and if it does not help, report it immediately to the employer. 
There is a good chance that afterwards party A, your original preference (hopefully: SB = Stiching Burnout), will be awarded the contract.

Also look up what the ratings of Party B are on:

healthcare card Netherlands [company] (googling)
Google Maps

and also write about the valuations of party A, if that is Foundation burnout:
care card Netherlands: 9.4: https://www.zorgkaartnederland.nl/zorginstituut/psychologiepraktijk-en-psychotherapiepraktijk-stichting-burnout-teteringen-10003608/valuing
Google Maps: 4.5 out of 5: https: //www.google.com/search? Client = firefox-b-d & q = google + maps + reviews + foundation + burnout # lrd = 0x47c69f3b70447a11: 0x44a69d75205fca15,1 ,,,

Some employers don't have much emotional intelligence, and don't understand that therapist click is decisive. And some company doctors have something 
against the Burnout Foundation, because the Burnout Foundation, 
just like the legislator (art. 7: 453 BW), believes that every company doctor must adhere to a professional standard, 
in short the relevant guideline with tests (in this case: burnout). 

Some occupational physicians dislike tests and guidelines and pride themselves on their "hocus pocus" feeling without professional standards.

Success in "persistence wins"!