Stichting Burnout, de diepere en bewezen waarheid omtrent burn-out


Burnout tests

New: free online scientifically validated burnout test, the BAT, Burnout Assessment Tool: go to and take the test. You may printscreen the results as pdf and send them to us via the contact form. Or to have a free orientational meeting about burnout recovery coaching.


To determine whether you are burnout, it is best to do tests first, and have a conversation later. The tests are, in combination with each other, pretty precise.

Accoring to amongst others the Dutch burnout guideline H&W_NVAB-12_LESA_LR_overspanningburnout there are three tests you should take.

  1. 4DKL, ‘Vier Dimensionele Klachten Lijst’, 4 dimensional complaints list, of dr. Terluijn. The for dimensions are: disstress, depression, anxiety and somatisations (physical complaints as result of psychological ill-feeling).Here is the test in English, in excel: blank-4dkl-English. Fill out, save and go to the tab ‘results’. A combination of over 20 for disstress and over 10 for somatisation is indicative of burnout. If depression score is high, check for depression with BDI (Beck Depression Inventory).
  2. SCL 90 – Symptoms Check List 90 items, in excel: SCL-90-version-English. Fill out, save and to to ‘results’. The N indicates where you stand versus a ‘normal’ person, the P indicates where you stand versus an average person being a client of a psychologist (=being in psychological treatment).
  3. UBOS, Utrechtse Burn Out Schaal, prof. Schaufeli’s Dutch version of the MBI, Maslach Burnout Inventory. The scoring key of this test is secret, therefore we, Stichting Burnout, have to make the Dutch test online for you. You are kindly requested to indicate your answers in attached .doc, Ubos paste Ubos paste English
  4. To be complete: also take the BAT, Burnout Assessment Tool, on and send the printscreen of the results to us.

The combinated results of this 3 tests is pretty precise to determine whether you have burnout.

The tests do not say WHAT triggered your burnout. To determine the triggers of your burnout, it is better to do the BBTI, Blankert Burnout Trigger Inventory, here just named ‘Problem Analysis’. Overwrite the example text and numbers with own text and numbers and save it. PA – Problem Analysis UK. It gives you a clear idea where there is a shortage of ‘energy replenishers’, and what main stressors and ‘energy drainers’ there are, and how severe they are for you.