Written by Stichting Burnout on 4 February 2020 in blog English

If you have a temporary contract and feel burnout, ask the company doctor to do the tests of the NVAB burnout guideline. If he refuses, ask Stichting Burnout to do the tests with you.

Ask/take sickness leave. If a more formal diagnosis of burnout is needed in writing: https://burnout.nl/burn-out-help-for-english-speakers-expats-netherlands/getting-a-burnout-diagnosis-writing/

The employer is obliged to follow ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ with you, as with ‘unlimited contracts’, do problem analysis, and write a ‘plan van aanpak’ – a plan how to heal the burnout. For burnout to heal, always an external professional burnout recovery service is required, as Stichting Burnout.

Some employers, in case of temporary contract, think: ‘I will not spend money on a sick employee for the time remaining’. But: you have rights and Dutch law protects you. Dutch law intends you are healed, at cost of the current employer, even if that healing is taking place after your last working day.

Make sure at UWV you are registered sick as you leave the company. ‘Leaving the company sick’ is ‘ziek uit dienst’ in Dutch (UWV department sickness leave: PO box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam

Include your burnout diagnosis when you write to UWV. And possibly include a burnout recovery proposal that employer did not approve.

Because you are unemployed and the employer did not fulfill his ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ or curement obligations, you are ‘vangnetter’ of UWV.

It means you get sickness unemployment benefits of UWV, plus that UWV will probably pay for your healing. Stichting Burnout is one of the suppliers for UWV for burnout recovery. Ask to see a UWV doctor, show your diagnosis, history etc. and ask whether UWV is prepared to pay a burnout recovery program by Stichting Burnout. Time will not heal burnout automatically, you have to rework the experience with an extern burnout consultant/psychologist as with Stichting Burnout.