Written by Stichting Burnout on 17 December 2020 in blog English

Burnout is part of occupational health medicine and occupational health psychology. There are many scientific journals about the subject, as ‘Journal of Occupation Stress’ by Springer. See also Google Scholar, scholar.google.com on the subject.

But because arbocompanies and company doctors are often paid by employers do deny burnout, they try to fool you into psychiatry = GGZ = GZ = DSM (Diagnostical Statistical Manual of psychiatry). Burnout is not part of psychology. Insist that the NVAB burnout guideline is followed, including tests SCL 90, Ubos and 4DKL, and otherwise give bad reviews to the doctors and arbo on zorgkaartnederland.nl

The employer’s advantage of classifying you as ‘psycho’ is that they:

  1. can deny the work relatedness of your state (burnout)
  2. they do not have to pay for burnout recovery
  3. you get the wrong treatment, and thus do not come back to the company (so if above trick is used, you immediately know they want to get rid of you)
  4. wrongly believe burnout cannot be healed
  5. and that they, ‘because it would not be burnout’, can avoid the bezava penalty when you leave the company ill

The solutions for you are described on this blog.

Do the burnout tests with us, Stichting Burnout, and if you turn out te be burnout, then:

This is the correct route to follow: https://burnout.nl/blog-van-stichting-burnout/burnout-suspicons-the-correct-route/

If not the correct route is followed: take these steps: https://burnout.nl/blog-van-stichting-burnout/if-not-the-correct-route-is-followed/

Also immediately inform UWV, sickness department PO box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam of this malpractice, and spell it out in an email to your employer.