Written by Stichting Burnout on 17 April 2020 in blog English

All is about money, certainly in case of burnout. If an employer leaves the company ill, and it is work related, as burnout, then the employer gets fined by UWV if you are 35-80% disabled. However, if they can skip the NVAB burnout guideline and tests and find corrupt doctors that can give you psychiatric labels, this has many advantages for the employer:

– denial of all work relatedness
– not bezava

Bezava is a fine an employer gets (200.000 – 800.000 euro) when you leave the company sick because work-related, as with burnout. But if employer/corrupt doctors succeed to label you NON-work related, but as GENERALLY ‘nuts’/ psychiatric case, employer can avoid the bezava fine of 200.000-800.000 euro. So employers have an enormous incentive to get you a psychiatric label, DSM-label, and the gz/ggz psychologists are also very happy with that: additional turnover for them.

Prevent this bullshit by:
– doing all tests of the NVAB burnout guideline
– getting a diagnosis in writing – https://burnout.nl/bedrijfsarts-erkent-burn-out-niet/hoe-een-burnout-diagnose-op-schrift-te-krijgen/
– send this burnout diagnosis in writing to employer as well as UWV, department sickness (afdeling ziektewet) PO box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam
– filling out the BBTI/problem analysis in English that will exemplify how work related your problems are.
– forbid that any psychiatric report is given to someone else (‘blokkeringsrecht’)

According to WGBO and art. 8 European Rights you may choose with whom you want to share your private life with – always reject gz/ggz psychologists and psychiatrists.

If your company doctor is involved, repeat following sentences the full hour you speak to him:

‘You, as company doctor, have nothing to decide, you are only advisor to employer art. 14.1 arbowet. Employer decides and has to speak for himself. Employer cannot hide behind self-hired company doctor, CRvB 19 november 2009 BK 37:13. You are corrupt because you refuse to follow NVAB burnout guideline and tests. Therefore I will give you very bad marks on zorgkaartnederland.nl, bedrijfsartsen. How do you feel about being corrupt, yourself? For the rest I have nothing to say: this psychiatric nonsense is only to avoid bezava, and you know it. According to art. BW 7:453 you have to follow the NVAB burnout guideline including tests. Will you now follow the guideline and tests, or shall I report you?’