Written by Stichting Burnout on 27 July 2020 in bedrijfsarts blog English

Bedrijfsarts – company doctor is a doctor paid by the hour by exmployer, so there is an intrinsic danger the c-doctor (company doctor) only tells you what the employer would like.

Formerly, the company doctor should apply ‘richtlijn burnout NVAB Lesa’ inlcuding tests SCL 90 , 4DKL and Ubos. Look for that guideline, print it, take it along to the conversation and tell company doctor is obliged to follow it, art. 7:453 BW.

If company doctor should deny burnout and refuse to take tests, then it is problably because a company policy to deny burnout. Some companies find it easier to deny burnout instead of testing it, and providing you burnout recovery coaching. This has to do with the enormous fine empoyers get when employees leave the company ill, called ‘bezava’. It can amount tot 200.000 to 800.000 euro.

Because of bezava (google: “burnout.nl influence bezava”), the company doctors decided collectively in 2014 (after a presentation about bezava) to please employers by not measuring burnout as much as possible and not putting it in writing. Occupational physicians are paid 100% by employers, on the basis of “hourly invoice”.

What to do about it? Send the company doctor a registered letter or email that you keep safe:

“Dear company doctor,

I think you are cleverly trying to avoid the word burnout, to get a white foot with the employer you pay. But that is not possible, at least: you are in accordance with art. 7: 453 obliges to adhere to a professional standard, in the case of my burnout complaints: enclosed NVAB lesa guideline for burnout, including 4DKL SCL 90 and Ubos.

Would you like to take those with me, those tests?

And want to do a good problem analysis and a good diagnosis? (also leave it out, you keep it all flat).

What you do not do I will include in my assessment of you on zorgkaartnederland.nl, company doctors, and whether or not a request to the NCVB (Ned Center for Occupational Diseases) to impose a fine on you, and a letter to the Minister of Public health whether or not to renew your five-year BIG registration.

I will also consider following the tips listed at http://www.bedrijfsarts.net/reviews-eviews-bedrijfsartsen.html.

I would like to receive the tests to be made, in accordance with the guideline, and a more in-depth problem analysis and diagnosis.

If you should hesitate, I will turn to a psychologist to get a burnout diagnosis in writing, according to NVAB lesa guideliune, and send the diagnosis to UWV sickness department, and thereafter to employer.

Best regards,

burnout employee “

In addition, have a diagnosis made by a psychologist. Again, a lot of non-ethics for wanting to “please employers,” but here are some honest psychologists you can turn to:


A company doctor is not allowed to take any decision, arbowet art. 14.1 says het is only ‘advisor’ to employer. Employer decides.