Stichting Burnout, de diepere en bewezen waarheid omtrent burn-out

Philosophy of Stichting Burnout – Relevant for employers

Stichting Burnout has an eye for the interests of employers

Especially when following ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ on long term illness, we strive for

  • fundamental burnout recovery, so it will ‘not happen again’. We take a fundamental approach, with our recovery programs (described on
  • timely coaching
  • prevention of leaving the company ill with ‘bezava consequences’ for the employer.

It is the drawback of many coaches and psychologists not specialised in burnout: to go TOO FAST, after which an employee falls back into burnout after 2 months (with a ‘revolving door’ mechanism up to 2 years of illness), and to NOT COVER THE WORK CONTEXT issues of the burnout.

For employers we have a pdf brochure, here in Dutch Werkgevers-brochure-Stichting-Burnout-versie-1-1, and here in English Employers-brochure-Stichting-Burnout-version-1-1

Here is, for your convenience, the Dutch burnout guideline of NVAB – Lesa your ‘bedrijfsarts’/ company doctor should follow, including tests: H&W_NVAB-12_LESA_LR_overspanningburnout