Written by Stichting Burnout on 4 August 2020 in blog English

If NOT “the right path is taken” as described here: https://burnout.nl/blog-van-stichting-burnout/de-recte-weg-bij-burnout-vermoedens/, take the following steps.

  1. Perform the burnout tests listed in the NVAB Burnout Guideline: https://nvab-online.nl/sites/default/files/file-webpaginas/MDRL_Oversanning-Burnout.pdf Normally the company doctor should take them, but if he refuses: do the tests with the Burnout Foundation
  2. Preferably (if the tests indicate burnout) also go after a written burnout diagnosis: https://burnout.nl/burn-out-help-for-english-speakers-expats-netherlands/getting-a-burnout-diagnosis-writing/
  3. Take sick leave, you will be supported by testing and written diagnosis. Send test results and diagnosis to employer. Ask the employer if he wants you to send those documents to UWV as well.
  4. If employer is going to be difficult: hire a lawyer and hand over a burnout diagnosis (labor law lawyer reintegration, preferably "on addition")
  5. Have a burnout specialist, such as Stichting Burnout, prepare a burnout recovery coaching plan and hand it over to the employer. Employer must pay.
  6. If the employer avoids, a) ask your lawyer to enforce this b) register UWV, sickness law department (sickness post) PO Box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam and explain that your employer refuses burnout, refuses to test for NVAB burnout guideline and refuses to pay for recovery (attach diagnosis and burnout recovery plan as attachments)
  7. Push with your lawyer AND UWV for sick leave, burnout recovery coaching paid by the employer… and, if you don't think there is a long term future: ask for "second track" with outplacement of your choice after burnout recovery.

You can also still opt for a settlement agreement, but then a high one, with which you can pay your own WW and burnout recovery program at the Burnout Foundation: read https://burnout.nl/blog-van-stichting-burnout/vaststellingsgebruik-bij-burn- out-of-wet-improvement-gatekeeper /