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It is imortant to get a burnout diagnosis in writing, before employer tries to create circumstance in order to fire you. One known trick is to establish bad working relationships, put that in writing, before you have a diagnosis in writing.

To get a diagnosis in writing:
1. either get a psychologist to do it, see underneath including their email:

  • Amsterdam: Drs. Marco Timmerman, marcotimmerman999@hotmail.com, psycholoog
    OR Drs. Kirsten Vink, kirstenvink@gmail.com, psycholoog
  • Utrecht: Drs. Whishal Jharihar, wishal_j@hotmail.com
  • Barendrecht (south of Rotterdam): José Weeda MSc, jose@dolomietcoaching.nl (female. remedial educationalist = WO orthopedagogiek, geen psycholoog)
  • Putten: dunsbergen@kpnmail.nl, psychologist (female)
  • Nijmegen: info@bartdonkers.nl, psychologist (male)

Costs: pay yourself, 350 euro ex BTW. Diagnosis from non-BIG psychologist is even better than diagnosis from  BIG psychologist: Diagnosis psychologists does not need BIG registration brave

2. to get a second opinion from a different (self choose) company doctor, for example because first one refuses to follow burnout guideline and tests ‘NVAB richtlijn burnout pdf’ and tests 4DKL SCL-90 Ubos).

Diagnose burnout via bedrijfsartsen – Atrium Gezondheidscenter te Badhoevedorp.

The costs are 840 euros excluding VAT and must be paid in advance. The company doctor will then adhere to the NVAB guideline, including the tests stated therein. Invoicing for the examination is done through Bedrijfsarts Management B.V.; the telephone number is 088-2460402 and email address contact@everybodygroep.nl. Stichting Burnout is not a party to such investigations, we mention this option on the site, but agreements, invoicing, payment and delivery report must be between the client and the said BV. The Burnout Foundation does, however, like to be kept informed of the satisfaction of its customers, so please send an email to info@burnout.nl after you have completed everything you thought of the process and the end result. Thanks in advance for this feedback!

Mail and make sure they adhere to burnout guideline and tests (confirm by email): https://expertise-instituut.nl/ Or: https://www.bedrijfsartsensecondopinion.nl/bedrijfsartsen – pick one, make sure in advance he follows NVAB guidelines including the burnout guideline, and ‘go’.

Costs may be as high as 800-1000 euro for diagnosis, but it is worth it not to be dismissed. Besides, legally employer has te reimburse you these costs. Pay the bill, hand bill to employer and ask to reimburse you. If they refuse: mail niels@medicas.nl (debt agency) and they will get the money to you.

Form: https://burnout.nl/sb_wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Collectieve-overeenkomst-Stichting-Burnout.pdf for niels@medicas.nl. Info about the debt agency: https://burnout.nl/sb_wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Medicas-Informatiebrochure-1.pdf

NICE: send a copy of diagnosis to your employer, stating in writing you admit he keeps it on file (otherwise employer will say ‘no medical records on file) and ask whether it would be good to send copy to UWV.

Latter will scare them; good moment to hand in a burnout recovery program from Stiching Burnout and ask for approval. ‘That will prevent bezava’ you say. Bezava: a fine of 200.000- 800.000 euro the employer gets when you leave the company ill. That is why lots of employers try first to deny burnout (if they sack you without burnout diagnosis, no bezava = problem solved), but when you have burnout diagnosis in writing with copy to UWV, change towards win-win solution: have you recovered within 2 years = signing and paying burnout recovery program from Stichting Burnout.

Meanwhile: send your diagnosis to UWV anyway, department sickness, PO box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam, and say ’employer wants to deny burnout and invents grounds for dismissal or vso = vaststellingsovereenkomst whilst ill’

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