Written by Stichting Burnout on 5 August 2020 in blog English

This is how the process should be: https://burnout.nl/blog-van-stichting-burnout/burnout-suspicons-the-correct-route/

this is what to do when employer does not follow the correct process: https://burnout.nl/blog-van-stichting-burnout/if-not-the-correct-route-is-followed/

The reason behing ‘bullying away a sick employer’ is that employer is afraid you are not going to recover, that it will become a ‘leaving company ill’ which would cost employer bezava, appr. 200.000 euro (in average). The employer, more than with Dutch employees, reckons you can not hold yourself in Dutch law, the more because you are weakened (burnout).

Re. pay, 3 URLs:


3rd is that employer can ask UWV to support financially, re. burnout recovery coaching.

So, in above link it is clear what to do….https://burnout.nl/burn-out-help-for-english-speakers-expats-netherlands/getting-a-burnout-diagnosis-writing/

Then send the diagnosis to UWV, as described in the link.

Then email your employer that you have a diagnosis, that you sent it to UWV etc. – from that point on, the employer will realise there is no point in bullying away, as UWV knows about it and controls the process. Then the relative best option for your employer is to follow ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ and grant you the burnout help you want , eg. with Stichting Burnout.

Because then there are chances you will leave the company healthy, with no bezava. So the route is: burnout recovery and then outplacement, once you are healthy…..(in theory you could stay with this employer, but probably trust has been broken through this bullying- attempt, so choosing a different, next employer once healthy is normal).

All clear now?

Stichting Burnout apologises on behalf of Netherlands for the bad conduct of your employer. Now you know the rationale behind the behaviour: bezava (see bezava.com and Dutch summaries).