Written by Stichting Burnout on 10 February 2020 in blog English
  1. Make the burnout tests mentioned in de NVAB burnout guideline: https://nvab-online.nl/sites/default/files/bestanden-webpaginas/MDRL_Overspanning-Burnout.pdf Normally the company doctor should take them, but if he refuses: do them with Stichting Burnout
  2. Preferably (if the tests point out burnout) get also a burnout diagnosis in writing: https://burnout.nl/burn-out-help-for-english-speakers-expats-netherlands/getting-a-burnout-diagnosis-writing/
  3. Take sick leave, you are backed up by tests and diagnosis in writing. Send tests results and diagnosis to employer. Ask employer whether he wants you send those documents to UWV as well.
  4. Should employer become difficult: hire lawyer and hand over burnout diagnosis in writing
  5. Let a burnout specialist, like Stichting Burnout, make a burnout recovery coaching plan in English, and hand it over to employer. Employer should pay.
  6. If employer makes difficulties, a) ask your lawyer to enforce b) write UWV, afdeling ziektewet (sickness department) PO box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam and explain your employer denies burnout, refuses to tests from NVAB burnout guideline and refuses to pay for recovery (attach diagnosis and burnout recovery plan as appendices)
  7. Push with your lawyer AND UWV for sickness leave, burnout recovery coaching paid by employer…and, if you do not think there is a long term future: ask for ‘second spoor’ with outplacement of your choice after burnout recovery.