Written by Stichting Burnout on 2 November 2020 in blog English

We get loads of mail from EU citizens knowing no Dutch asking for legal or procedural advice. We have to manage expectations here:

We, SB = Stichting Burnout, are no lawyers and do not take pleasure in legal advice. We are also not paid for legal advice. Please seek a lawyer ‘arbeidsrecht reintegratie’.

For your convenience, we have written down the essence of law and procedure here:


If not the correct route is followed: take these steps:


If you need a diagnosis in writing:


For more questions about procedures and law: consult a lawyer.

What many EU citizens with burnout complaints overlook is that you will never recover from your burnout without specialised burnout recovery coaching. And precisely that is what we, SB = Stichting Burnout, offer.

So, if you are interested in burnout recovery, apart from money and law, please mail us your location and phone number. In that case we test you on burnout, and happily offer you a free burnout recovery orientational meeting with one of our burnout recovery psychologists/coaches: info@burnout.nl. Our burnout recovery method is scientifically acknowledged: go to Google Scholar, and type in ‘kunst van burnout herstel’ (the art of burnout recocery) and there you find our method.

We take pleasure in emotions, and recovering people!

Not in laws and procedures. There other people for that (lawyers).

Please also read: https://burnout.nl/blog-van-stichting-burnout/maltreatment-of-eu-workers-in-the-netherlands-common-practice-at-first-signs-of-illness-burnout/