Stichting Burnout, de diepere en bewezen waarheid omtrent burn-out


The right choice for  your burnout recovery intervention starts with the right diagnosis

A diagnosis is the ‘alfa and omega’ of an illness and its cure. Why?

  • without right diagnosis, you do not know what for treatment to look for
  • without diagnosis, you can get into legal problems (for example if you want to take sickleave, but others say you are not ill)
  • part of the employers will try to NOT make a burnout diagnosis; bedrijfsartsen, ‘company doctors’ are paid by employers and often try to avoid a burnout diagnosis, because a burnout diagnosis would include a liability for the employer, and if your illness is burnout and you would not be better at the end of your max 2 year illness period, the employer would have to pay ‘bezava’, Bezava in ENGLISH which can amount to 200.000 euro or more. A psychiatric diagnosis could be more advantageous for an employer, saving burnout recovery costs and avoiding bezava risks.
  • without a diagnosis, UWV (sickness department, PO box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam) cannot help you either, because there is no proof of your illness.

The NVAB (association of company doctors) has a burnout guideline – H&W_NVAB-12_LESA_LR_overspanningburnout – that mentions 3 tests: 4DKL, SCL 90 and Ubos paste.

  • 4DKL: fill out this excel blank-4dkl-English, save it, look under the tab ‘results’, if disstress >= 20 -> indication burnout
  • SCL 90: SCL-90-version-English
  • Ubos – paste: Ubos paste English – this one you have to mail to so we can fill out your scores in Dutch online.

See also: burnout tests

‘Burnout’ is an occupational illness, and is part of ‘occupational medicine’ and ‘occupational psychology’. It is not part of IG, Individuele Gezondheidszorg, individual health care, and recovery costs are not reimbursed by health insurance (if a psychologist claims he/she can be reimbursed, he/she is planning to give you a different diagnosis than burnout).

If you want a burnout diagnosis in writing, please turn to one of the psychologists mentioned on this page: You could also look for a ‘bedrijfsarts’ (independent of the initial one chosen by your employer), but it is very hard to find one that is prepared to live by the burnout guideline including tests H&W_NVAB-12_LESA_LR_overspanningburnout, and if they are willing it usually costs 800-1000 euro excl. VAT, instead of the usual 350 euro excl. VAT charged by a psychologist. Because burnout is part of ‘occupational medicine’, the psychologist does not need a BIG registration (it is even better he has none). BIG is for ‘IG’, Individuele Gezondheidszorg, not: arbeidsgerelateerde zorg, and BIG is for ‘reserved actions’ as operations or prescribing antidepressants.

It is hard to get a burnout diagnosis in writing

GP’s, General Practitioners, ‘Huisartsen’, often do not want to give a diagnosis burnout because they would interfere with company doctors, bedrijfsartsen. However, lots of GP’s are prepared to put down ‘burnout’ as diagnosis in writing, however short. This is then very useful in the later process.

Company doctors (‘bedrijfsartsen’) like to please employers and thus have a common ‘conscent’ not to put down ‘burnout’ on paper. They should, however, art. 7:453 BW, follow the NVAB Lesa burnout richtlijn (guideline) mentioned here H&W_NVAB-12_LESA_LR_overspanningburnout, with in it named the tests UBOS, SCL 90 and 4DKL.


Can’t you pay for a burnout diagnosis?

If you cannot afford to pay for a burnout diagnosis in writing, we recommend you to assemble the results of Ubos, SCL-90 and 4DKL, and send them to UWV (address mentioned above). You can elaborate on your burnout by filling out this Problem Analysis form: PA – Problem Analysis UK . Overwrite the example text and numbers with your own text and numbers, and save. It gives you insight what triggered your burnout.