Stichting Burnout, de diepere en bewezen waarheid omtrent burn-out

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Beware: Stichting Burnout is not a legal advice organisation

Stichting Burnout (SB) consists of psychologists (and sometimes coaches) specialised in burnout recovery. It wants to confine itself to psychology: burnout testing, and burnout recovery coaching. It is a good idea to start with burnout tests – see – and upload the test results in underneath contact form.

In case your employer and you (employee) want to part roads, we/Stichting Burnout can also provide outplacement (career coaching) after the burnout recovery coaching. This is called ‘tweede spoor’.

Be happy to contact us about burnout recovery, but not about ‘legal issues’ or ‘how to combat my employer’ – lawyers are ideal for that.

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