Stichting Burnout, de diepere en bewezen waarheid omtrent burn-out


Temporary contract and burnout

If you have a temporary contract and feel burnout, ask the company doctor to do the tests of the NVAB burnout guideline. If he refuses, ask Stichting Burnout to do the tests with you. Ask/take sickness leave. If a more formal diagnosis of burnout is needed in writing: The employer is obliged to follow […]

Tweede spoor – second spoor burn out: real ‘tweede spoor’ and ‘fake’

The Dutch lawmakers want to see that in your first year of illness employer and you go for recovery, and re-integration with current firm. Only after first year of illness and first year evaluation: second spoor = tweede spoor. A good ‘tweede spoor’ consists of: 1) burnout RECOVERY COACHING 2) thereafter: OUTPLACEMENT (meaning: defining what […]

When employer does not take serious your burnout….

‘Dear employer, You neglected, as the company doctor, the NVAB guideline as well as the tests mentioned there. I hereby attach my test results Do you take my burnout seriously now? If not, I am going to ask for a diagnosis in writing, and send the burnout diagnosis to you as well as UWV. Then […]

Getting a burnout diagnosis in writing (a.s.a.p. and why)

It is imortant to get a burnout diagnosis in writing, before employer tries to create circumstance in order to fire you. One known trick is to establish bad working relationships, put that in writing, before you have a diagnosis in writing. To get a diagnosis in writing:1. either get a psychologist to do it, see […]

‘Help! I am burnout and now boss/employer wants to fire me’ (or denies burnout)

Above situation is quite common in the Netherlands, unfortunately! Not something NL can be proud of. The LAWS in the Netherlands are quite good, however, firing whilst ill is generally forbidden by– ziektewet (illness law)– ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ (‘gate keeper law’, for long term illness). First, the main reason WHY the employer wants to fire, […]

Sickness leave in the Netherlands – especially for burnout

You may call or email the company that you are ill and stay home. Choose the communication way the ‘Personnel manual’ prescribes. Orally confirmed by email is fine. BUT: beware: the employer decides whether you are allowed to stay home ill. So if you take sickness leave today, the employer may summon you to work […]

How some employers treat English speaking employees when burn-out

Because of the ‘malus’ of bezava (read:, the punishment of 200.000-800.000 euro by UWV when an employee leaves a company whilst ill, quite some employers try to deny burn-out, and maximally increase the pressure on employees in order to drive them into despair (in the hope they leave the company out of own initiative, […]

Burn-out in the Netherlands: additional challenges for non-Dutch speakers/expats

It is not easy to be burn-out in the Netherlands, as non-Dutch speaker or expat. Part of the employers, including company doctors that are hired as spokesmen by the employers, tries to abuse the fact you cannot understand Dutch, and cannot access Dutch law. Partly because Dutch law has its own concepts that cannot be […]