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Burnout suspicions? The correct route….

In the event of burnout suspicions, it is good to address the burnout directive, including from the NVAB You ask the employer for a company doctor; the company farts applies the guideline, including tests, and determines whether or not you are a burnout. There is a duty of information for doctors, which means, among […]

Preparation for company doctor – bedrijfsarts

Bedrijfsarts – company doctor is a doctor paid by the hour by exmployer, so there is an intrinsic danger the c-doctor (company doctor) only tells you what the employer would like. Formerly, the company doctor should apply ‘richtlijn burnout NVAB Lesa’ inlcuding tests SCL 90 , 4DKL and Ubos. Look for that guideline, print it, […]

Pitfall of gz = GGZ = psychiatry = DSM = Diagnostic Statistical Manual mental disorders

Some employers and company doctors (bedrijfsartsen) are fond of sending you to a ggz-psychologist or psychiatrist when you complain about burnout. However, this is principally wrong, and will leave you untreated for a long time. Reasons: burnout is part of occupational medicine and occupational psychology (‘arbeids- en organisatie psychology’). So psychiatry is the wrong discipline […]

Translating Dutch parts of the blog and website…. is ideal for translation of Dutch posts of our blog, and other parts of our website, especially the legal part on: Google translation from Dutch into English is usually extremely good nowadays.

‘Stalemate’ between employer and expat employee regarding progress? This is the memo to write…

‘Hi HR department of employer, So you are a legal fan, he? Me too…. You are totally allowed to hold psychological information in your files, and medical information, IF I GIVE IT TO YOU AND ALLOW YOU TO KEEP IT. I hereby allow you to keep it and to read it. The reason being that […]

Standard psychiatric trick of some employers and company doctors

All is about money, certainly in case of burnout. If an employer leaves the company ill, and it is work related, as burnout, then the employer gets fined by UWV if you are 35-80% disabled. However, if they can skip the NVAB burnout guideline and tests and find corrupt doctors that can give you psychiatric […]

Expat in NL and burnout? The right steps to take

Stichting Burnout is a burnout recovery agency, not a law firm. Read the legal stuff on our site, but for further legal questions to not contact us but a law firm, googling on ‘advocaat arbeidsrecht reintegratie CITY’. Almost all expats, upon expressing burnout feelings, are mobbed away by employers in the Netherlands. This is because […]

The money you can ask when a vso (vast stellings overeenkomst) is proposed

Some employers do not want to follow the law ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ = WvP when you are ill. WvP includes a problem analysis, a ‘plan van aanpak’ on which you agree, and burnout recovery coaching of YOUR choice paid by the employer. When an employee leaves the company ill, ill with a occupational illness as […]

Feeling burnout….how to take sick leave, and later: burn out coaching?

Make the burnout tests mentioned in de NVAB burnout guideline: Normally the company doctor should take them, but if he refuses: do them with Stichting Burnout Preferably (if the tests point out burnout) get also a burnout diagnosis in writing: Take sick leave, you are backed up by tests and diagnosis in writing. […]

Bezava (effect) in English

Bezava in English Bezava has been introduced in the Netherlands 1 Jan 2014. It inholds that an employer, after a ‘leaving the company sick’ is responsible for the payments up to 10 years AFTER leaving the company sick. It is explained on the Dutch site It can amount to 200.000 euro to 800.000 euro […]