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It sometimes happens: to be shovelled off by company doctor

This trick is over 20 years old: employer says you should listen to company doctor. This is not true. Company doctors are often hired and paid by employer, by the hour, in order to say what employer wants. But: it is the employer who decides, not the company doctor. Latter is only advisor of the […]

Why most employers are happy with a burnout recovery proposal

Regularly, employees feel guilty when they are burnout. They ‘should not be’. The employer had also some responsibility for your well being. And: when you are burnout, you are mostly quite productive and make quite some mistakes. So it is, on the long run, better to both acknowledge burnout and go for external burnout recovery […]

In case not the correct route is followed…..

In case not the correct route is followed, as described here:, take the following step.s

Maltreatment of EU workers in the Netherlands common practice at first signs of illness/burnout

Almost half of the mails we get, as Stichting Burnout, are from EU citizens 25-35 years old that flew in to the Netherlands to have a high level job (higher education, mostly university). Almost all of them did and do not care to learn Dutch. We don’t mind that, but…. … strikes us that when […]

Standard trick of many arbo-companies and quite some bedrijfsartsen/company doctors: fool you into GGZ

Burnout is part of occupational health medicine and occupational health psychology. There are many scientific journals about the subject, as ‘Journal of Occupation Stress’ by Springer. See also Google Scholar, on the subject. But because arbocompanies and company doctors are often paid by employers do deny burnout, they try to fool […]

Burnout and vso = vaststellingsovereenkomst = settlement agreement

Burn out and VSO = settlement agreement In case of burnout, never sign a settlement agreement unless you receive more than 100.000 euro! (because the employer on average saves over 200.000 euro by avoiding bezava, leaving the company sick, Also look up Here the reasons why. As a sick employee you are perfectly protected by […]

EU citizens: do have the correct expectations of Stichting Burnout…

We get loads of mail from EU citizens knowing no Dutch asking for legal or procedural advice. We have to manage expectations here: We, SB = Stichting Burnout, are no lawyers and do not take pleasure in legal advice. We are also not paid for legal advice. Please seek a lawyer ‘arbeidsrecht reintegratie’. For your […]

The free choice of burnout coach/psychologist

The WGBO (Medical Treatment Agreement Act) provides a free choice of doctor for the patient, and by extension the patient’s free choice of therapist. Also art. 8 ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) says that you only have to share your private life with whoever you choose. Science has known for decades (Google Scholar) that […]

Foreigner being bullied away when ill?

This is how the process should be: this is what to do when employer does not follow the correct process: The reason behing ‘bullying away a sick employer’ is that employer is afraid you are not going to recover, that it will become a ‘leaving company ill’ which would cost employer bezava, appr. […]

If not the correct route is followed…

If NOT “the right path is taken” as described here:, take the following steps. Perform the burnout tests listed in the NVAB Burnout Guideline: Normally the company doctor should take them, but if he refuses: do the tests with the Burnout Foundation Preferably (if the tests indicate burnout) also go after a written […]