Stichting Burnout, de diepere en bewezen waarheid omtrent burn-out

Welcome to Stichting Burnout (Dutch Burnout Foundation)

This English site is made for alle the EU and other ‘foreign’ citizens that work in the Netherlands and do not speak or read Dutch.


Stichting Burnout is a burnout RECOVERY organisation, and is pleased to:


  • Test you on burnout – for free
  • Offer you a free orientational meeting with one of its burnout coaches/psychologists on your region.

Please contact us on this contactform or email us on, including your phone numer and location.

Unfortunately, it turns out quite a lot of non-Dutch speakers are looking for legal information, or tips how to ‘combat’ the employer. Stichting Burnout is not for that. You will have to ask a lawyer for advice. The only first help we provide here is our blog, including a description of the correct route if you have burnout suspicions:

If not the correct route is followed, you can take the following steps:

The ‘not correct route’ is often a ‘short cut’ to dismiss you despite illness, consult a lawyer for that case and get a diagnosis in writing:

Burnout will not cure because of extended vacation or extended sickleave alone, you really need specialised burnout recovery coaching – see

Also have a look at our English blog –

Please feel free to contact us about burnout recovery coaching; you will get a free orientational meeting, and if there is a click we prepare a burnout recovery plan for your employer. Burnout recovery is not covered by health insurance, it is part of ‘work related psychology/medicine’ and the employer has to pay (or yourself).

If you are manoeuvred into difficulties.....

If you have feelings of burnout, this is the correct procedure:

If not the correct route is taken, take these steps:

To enforce your wishes and rights, take a lawyer ‘arbeidsrecht reintegratie’. Here is a list of lawyers former clients of Stichting Burnout
had good experiences with: Aanbevolen advocaten aug 2019. Use your lawyer to a) get appropriate rest, sickness leave and distance
b) have the employer approve your burnout recovery plan (that you made for example with Stichting Burnout).

Supervisor whether the correct procedure is followed, is UWV, sickness department, PO Box 57015  1040 CT Amsterdam. Send them,
besides your story, the burnout recovery plan that was initially refused by your employer, also a diagnosis in writing

Burnout recovery is not reimbursed by health insurance; if a psychologist says he (she) is reimbursed, he has given you a psychiatric
diagnosis and not burnout. Employer should pay external burnout recovery coaching of your choice. Stichting Burnout, together with
UWV and your lawyer, can enforce that.

To analyse what made you burnout, use our BBTI PA – Problem Analysis UK – overwrite example words and numbers with your own,
save it and send it to with your name, location and phone number. For more info on burnout tests, click here