Geschreven door Stichting Burnout op 20 februari 2020 in Behandeling blog

Many doctors including GP know very little about psychology including burnout. If you are burnout, never go to psychiatry = ggz = gz = DSM manual. Because burnout is not part of psychiatry, but part of occupational health medicine/occupational psychology.

Ggz=gz=psychiatry is very eager to make money, so they attract people with texts about burnout, but thereafter say that burnout is not an ‘official diagnosis’ etc./ There is a big financial incentive behind this: if you go to ggz=gz=psychiatry, they can declare their costs at your health insurance.

Burnout is not covered by health insurance, because burnout recovery costs are supposed to be paid by employers.

If you have burnout but still go to ggz=gz=psychiatry, you will
– get a wrong diagnosis (check: ask the ggz psychologist under what diagnosis he/she declares your costs to your insurance)
– wrong treatment

Ggz=gz=psychiatry know NOTHING about burnout, and will seek all causes in deep psychology. Furthermore, you will not feel better. Furthermore, your employer will use the wrong ggz=psychiatric label to DENY burnout and to DENY all responsibility for burnout.

If you do not believe it: try ggz for half a year, and thereafter come back to us, Stichting Burnout.