Geschreven door Stichting Burnout op 15 januari 2020 in English

‘Dear employer,

You neglected, as the company doctor, the NVAB guideline as well as the tests mentioned there.

I hereby attach my test results

Do you take my burnout seriously now?

If not, I am going to ask for a diagnosis in writing, and send the burnout diagnosis to you as well as UWV. Then UWV can put you under pressure to follow the CORRECT procedure.

The correct procedure is:

  • problem analysis (now totally lacking)
  • a ‘plan van aanpak’ on which I agree. The Triage with ‘koffiedrinken’ is bullshit, what is indicated is external burnout recovery coaching chosen by me and paid by employer.

These are URL’s about costs of burnout recovery:

Now you can choose the short way or the long way. The short way is approving my proposal for external burnout recovery coaching, the long way is I get a burnout diagnosis in writing, send a copy to you as well as UWV, ask UWV to put you under pressure so you follow the law and pay my recovery, I hire a lawyer to enforce following the law, and that THEN you agree to my external burnout recovery coaching.

Disadvantage of the lang road is: I will be sick longer, and you may get fines by UWV – anyway you will be under scrutiny by UWV.

Are you prepared to approve an external burnout recovery proposal I am going to show you? (the alternative is the long road: diagnosis in writing to UWV, lawyer etc)

Best regards.


Burnout diagnosis in writing: