Stichting Burnout, de diepere en bewezen waarheid omtrent burn-out

Burnout recovery coaching NL



Burnout very seldom heals from itself. To heal automatically, a very long vacation may help, being unemployed…but this a) would be very expensive b) would still not heal your burnout.

When you have arrived at the stage of burnout, your are a) emotionally exhausted b) often have distance to other people c) often have a low self-esteem.

To recover from that, external burnout recovery coaching is needed. An ‘allround psychologist’ is usually not capable; it takes extra study and tools to be a good burnout recovery coach/psychologist. Stichting Burnout has these people, spread over the country.

Burnout recovery coaching is not covered by health insurance; should you come across a psychologist who is saying so, she or he is lying ( ) and intends to give you a different diagnosis (as depression) in order to be reimbursed. Burnout recovery coaching has to be paid by the employer – and we, Stichting Burnout, are experienced how to convince employer. Furthermore, the employer has two incentives to pay: 1) control by UWV (if UWV sickness department PO box 57015 1040 CT Amsterdam discovers the employer does not want to pay, the employer is fined) 2) bezava, see  -> should you leave the company ill, an employer has to pay many years of extra costs, up to hundreds tousands of euro’s. This incentive may also be the reason an employer denies burnout straight away…..solution: sending a diagnosis in writing to above mentioned UWV address – )

To realise ‘where it went wrong’ it can be  very useful to fill out a BBTI, Blankert Burnout Trigger Inventory – PA – Problem Analysis UK. Overwrite the words and figures with your own, and save it. Once you fill out this form, you realise that several things went wrong.

External burnout recovery coaching helps you:
– identify where your are vulnerable
– cope with these stressors (or lack of energy boosters) in a different way
– defining ‘boundaries’ for yourself and your energy, so you will not be depleted anymore in the future
– to learn to derive all lessons from this burnout in order to become maximally fit and prepared for the future
– to be psychologically more flexible, amongst others through mindfulness exercises and ACT exercises – ACT is ‘Acceptance Commitment Therapy’

The attached PDF gives you an impression of our SB-2016 burnout recovery program SB-2016-burnout-recovery-coaching-method-Stichting-Burnout-UK  

Some prefer our 12 steps program from 2006-2007: Burnout Recovery 12 sessions UKPh-pdf (1)

Simpy write an email to with your name, location and telephone number, and we are happy to offer you a free orientational meeting with one of our burnout recovery coaches/psychologists in your area.

The employer is supposed to pay for this – and we are experienced at persuading employers to pay.